The February Montgomery Boys (2019)
Birthday verses for three grandsons
as celebrated on February 24, 2019.

Blaming the Calendar (Happy Birthday!)
A quatrain that can save you embarrassment
if you miss a birthday or forget when it is.

 Oh, the Humanities!
A presentation at BYU Harold B. Lee Library
spotlighting the Humanities Department of said library,
presented on November 13, 2018
Video of presentation also available.

What About Bob? (A Rap Eulogy)
Presented at the memorial service for my Brother Bob
"Robert John Hacken" at the Magleby Funeral Home
in Richfield, Utah, on August 24, 2018

 Gordonian Retirement Rap 2018
Gordon Anderson retiring from the University of Minnesota,
Honored aboard the Creole Queen in the Mississippi
In the early evening hours of June 24, 2018

 Hacken-Siegmund Christmas Letter 2016
Happenings of the Year in Verse Form

The Upgrade to Christmas 3.0
Presented December 16, 2016
at the HBLL Christmas party

 St. Bernard Turns to Leave
On the occasion of Dennis Bernard's retirement
as Head of Serials in the BYU Library,
December 2016

 Marianne Siegmund's Retirement
Presented February 25, 2016
On the occasion of Marianne Siegmund's retirement
from the BYU Library

French Orthographic Reform: A Sonnet
Written February 5, 2016
On the occasion of French language changes

 A Visit from Saint Trumpless
Presented December 8, 2015
at the HBLL Christmas party

 A Resolution for Tom ("Is Busy") Izbicki
Presented December 8, 2015
On the occasion of Tom Izbicki's retirement
from Rutgers University

Survival Instincts of a Mountain Biker
Presented April 20, 2015

On the occasion of Tom Wright's retirement

Abdication of the Budget Czar
Presented April 20, 2015

On the occasion of Tom Wright's retirement

The Totally Unauthorized 2014 Floor-by-Floor HBLL Annual Report
Presented December 4, 2014
at the HBLL Christmas party

What the Hell Were We Thinking?
Delivered 23 September 2014
On the occasion of a reunion with friends in Lawrence, Kansas  

Sonnet to Solidity
June 24, 2014
On the occasion of the marriage of Juliana and Moataz 

How I Imagined the Grandview Sixth Ward Christmas Party 2013  
Delivered on the occasion of Grandview Sixth Ward's Christmas party
7 December 2013

Kentucky Hacken Thanksgiving 2013
Opa with Mike, Tiffani and the Kids
November 28, 2013 in Crestwood-La Grange, Kentucky

How Do You Buy Latino Books Like Marco?
September 13, 2013
On the Occasion of Mark Grover's retirement from the library
The Butler Did It
August 22, 2012
On the Occasion of Julene Butler's retirement from the library

Ode to the BYU Library School
March 30, 2012
On the Occasion of an actual Reunion of said Library School

Rap Sonnet Rhapsody for Deb
August 3, 2011
As Deb Hatch leaves the library for greener apples in Indianapolis

Ode to a Kathy
Presented July 29, 2011
As Kathy Johansen retires from the library.

Karen Griggs Leaves Her Digs
by retiring in 2011

A Premature Eulogy for Richard Jensen
Presented January 31, 2011
On the occasion of Richard Jensen's retirement from the library

If Charles Wesley Were Alive Today...
Presented December 2, 2010
At the HBLL Christmas party

A Sonnet to Life Elsewhere

Partitioning the Day