As we view earth's joys and defects
While carefully spinning
Our way through a millennium just at its beginning,
We just keep wondering what might come next...

Will dreaded judgmental seraphim
Deconstruct earth and its glamours
(At a whim)
With sledgehammers?

Thanks to lobbyists, lawyers and coaches
With the morality of cockroaches,
Will family values rot,
Will loyalty be bought
And sold?
Will milk of human kindness clot
As affections grow cold?

Will each of us retire to a fortified house
And bolt the doors down tightly,
Traveling only by computer, by mouse
And digital cloud to electronic villages nightly?
Will each of us become his or her own faction,
A mini-mini-microcosm of social inaction?

Who knows? You'll never find life's glory
If your anxieties are anticipatory.

So as we keep circling around the sun,
We might as well laugh and love and sing
-- You and me and everyone --
'Til we see what the future may bring.