Crossing the Red Sea, Moses
Saw no roses.
Nor did he set up camp;
The ground was too damp.

But at a later desert dwelling,
The middle managers and staff
Began kvelling
Over their handsome golden calf.

Meanwhile, from the dried-up slopes of Sinai
Moses brought down Ten Commandments from On High...
It took his women and his men
Several minutes to transgress all ten.

Whenever not kvetching
About water they had no hopes of fetching,
The Children of Israel
Kept shmeicheling Moses for a meal
Of fruit salad (especially banana),
Lightly sprinkled with manna.

They were looking to inhabitate
A Land of Milk and Honey,
But wouldn't real estate
Like that be much too runny?



Taoists may wow us,
And Buddhists may woo us,
But nobody can confuse us
If we hearken to Confucius.

Born in the feudal state of Lu,
Confucius knew
(And told everyone he met)
That ritual and etiquette
Are smart for us...
But not as smart as human-heartedness.
"What's cool,"
Confucius say, "Is Golden Rule."

Confucius' teachings were finest among
The Dynasty of Sung,
And were a meditative thing
For the Age of Ming.
Because of these teachings, happy people sang
During the T'ang.
(T'ang, if you think as astronauts think,
Is a powdered orange breakfast drink.)