After tossing Iraqis from Kuwait,
Georgie Bush's father didn't take the bait
Of marching all the way to downtown Baghdad...
Cause he thought the results would certainly turn bad.
Yes, George Bush, Senior, thought it quite unwise
To invade so far with his army guys:
Having been quite an intelligent student,
He knew for sure: "It wouldn't be prudent."

But leave it to his son,
The less intelligent one,
(At the behest of His Seth Lord, 
Darth Cheney,
Crazy and zany,
Who knew where WMDs were stored)
To perform a Neo-Con
Buckets and reserves of oil
By causing Iraq's turmoil.
He hoped the petroleum would be squirtin'
Through the pipelines of Halliburton...

Did Junior use some devious ends
Trying to enrich his oily friends?

Did our frat-boy insult allied nations
To finance SUV juice for our vacations?

Was the fiction of WMDs
Simply an end-run way to ease
Muslim nations toward democracy?
Start with the Saudis, is our plea !

And who was found in a spider hole
Looking just like a hairy mole?
Saddam Hussein
Was perhaps insane,
But more likely a megalomaniac.
But there was no way to put things back
The way they were,
And so for sure
We accomplished the "accomplished mission"
By getting out of the overheated kitchen.

In the cities and in the boonies
The Shiites and the angry Sunnis
(Plus some of the smaller and the larger Kurds)
Still exchange bullets along with words.
They've sent out their terminators
To extinguish U.S. collaborators,
And so they wait and wait some more
To finish up their civil war.

The Middle East is in a state of shock,
While for America it's always been a case
Of getting stuck between Iraq
And a hard place.

Now we've left
The land bereft
And left its fate
To the Islamic State.

That's what happens when people make war instead of love.
That's what happens when Bush comes to shove.