Anita and Clarence went up on the Hill
To fetch a bipartisan media thrill
About what goes down
In Congress Town.

Congressmen with dead-pan faces
In the midst of the morass
Were obviously having fun:
Putting Anita through her paces,
They pronounced the word "har-RASS"
Like a dirty pun,
Until a lawyer squelched that sport
By referring to the "HARR-is" report.

Then Anita Hill came down
From Congress Town,
'Cuz she had had her fill
Of telling how Clarence
Had been at no loss
Of sexual variance
When he had been boss
Over this Ms. Hill.

So 52 wise & mature-looking men
Put Humpty-Dumpty together again:
Claiming Clarence was full of promise,
When they should have been doubting Thomas.



It's possible for the governor of a southern state
To become a presidential martyr;
One example I might recapitulate
Is that of Jimmy Carter.
Nobody said that his honesty was infected,
But, let's face it, he didn't get re-elected.

You may see what I am hintin'
When I bring up the character issue
With reference to Bill Clinton,
Who (if you're female) might like to kiss you.
In any case, it's easy to state
That Clinton's libido stays up late.

Ms. Lewinsky, It's a cinchsky,
Took the former president down,
But hers was not the only game in town:
It turns out many females, whether Ruth or Beth or Audrey,
Had already made Bill tarnished and tawdry.

But William Jefferson's historical destiny is reachable,
At least according to a source that was... unimpeachable.