The February Montgomery Boys (2019)

Joseph, you may notice
February is the honorary
month of celebration for the veneration
of your birthday,
When you came this earth-way.

Thomas, now we promise,
February is the legendary
month of animation for the celebration
of your birthday,
And we hope you’ll let the mirth stay.

Elijah, yes, we like ya’,
February is the luminary
I scream for ice-cream
month of congregation in celebration
of your birthday,
‘Cause we know what you’re worth, hey!

Thomas, Elijah and Joseph,
We promise we like ya, so focus!
February is the luminary
month of congregation, animation, veneration
of your birth of days,
And it seems all you get is this verse of praise.

Can’t fool ya, Boys-to-Men:
Hallelujah, Amen.

From Opa