A Premature Eulogy for Richard Jensen

Only few men possess the God-given ability, 
The spiritual edge, or the mental agility 
To combine a soft-spoken degree of humility 
With a brain full of wit and a fine polished intellect 
Where sage wisdom and practical training both intersect… 

But the rarity value increases by far 
And the person in question becomes a true star 
When he gets his hands earthy in pastures and dirt, 
When to animal knowledge his powers exert 
And biology keeps mind and body alert. 

“Richard Jensen” (please note) are the first and last names 
Of an hombre who does not play phony mind games: 
Yes, a man like this man has his feet on the ground… 
Or his feet on the floor – where his shoes can be found. 


Dick Hacken,
31 January 2011