A Rap Sonnet Rhapsody for Deb
as she leaves the library

Hey, Deb, Deb, Deb of family Hatch: 
You have got a plane to catch 
To Indiana’s pumpkin patch, 
For training that you can unlatch, 
For credentials you can snatch, 
So you can have a career to match. 

To such initiative we doff our hats 
While muttering under our breath: “Oh, rats!” 

When Butler* gathers the grades and stats, 
There will be no-one to match 
You amongst the medical batch. 

You’re off to learn and grow, so natch: 
We will miss our pleasant chats, 
We will miss you, Deborah Hatch! 


Dick Hacken,
3 August 2011 

*...University, not Julene...