A Sonnet on the Whales of Viinu Bay

Do you know the whales of Viinu Bay 
That leap and twirl nightly in a grand display? 
Have you seen at sunset in the west 
Cascading droplets form a rainbow crest, 
Prismatic colors rippling off their glistening skin, 
Followed by a final flip of fin? 

When next you stand at twilight on the coast, 
Know this: cetaceans never leap to preen or boast. 
Even as they twist, with full position piked, 
They do not care if they are praised or they are liked. 
Though whales, like us, share traits of the mammalian, 
The ways they think and act are not Hegelian. 

Feel free to understand in them romance or joy or flair... 
They're simply being part of land and sea – and air. 

            - Richard Hacken