Parse of Speech


Because the Big Bang’s universal splatter 
Set into play existing primal matter 
(And since we want to name expanding bounds), 
We use nouns

One means of nomenclature never is enough, 
Clichés can drive the meaning out of stuff; 
Realizing this, we make short sounds 
We call pronouns

Not every bit of matter’s in its prime: 
It all degrades in value over time. 
So to describe an item or its rotten rival 
We go adjectival

You and me, we're cognitive: we think of things to do 
As well as states of being we’ve been through, 
Then we describe the jangles in our nerves 
As verbs

As we search for meaning in our lives, 
Some say from modifying action truth derives: 
The extent to which we act absurdly 
Comes out adverbially

Each day we try with infinite impatience 
To hold and keep connections and relations; 
Yet the most efficient links and transitions 
Are often limited to prepositions

Harsh human nature coaches us to fight 
More than to come together and unite, 
But rarely, language lets us seek harmonic function 
By conjunction

Existence should itself be roundly cussed, 
For in the end it drops us back into the dust – 
Let’s protest such rude, infinite rejections 
By shouting out our angry interjections

      - Richard Hacken