Lexicon of Loony Library Lore

In the spirit of the 90's (which--as mathematicians and social historians tell us--combine the spirit of the 60's with the spirit of the 30's), we offer the following definitions, acronyms, sniglets and nerds of wisdom so that ye might have insight into the wonderful world of academic librarianship, and that ye might have it more abundantly:

ACRL = All Colleges "Respect" Librarians

ALA = Associated Liberals Anonymous

ARL = A Ranking List

BCR = Bibliographic Computers Rule

BI = Boredom Incarnate

BITNET = a BIT of New Electronic Trash

BYLINE = Brigham's Youngsters stand in LINE

CARS Searchers = (library workers who locate automobiles for library patrons)

CD-ROM = Change Discs on Really ObsoleteMachines

CJK = Commercial Japan is King

CMDC = Can we Mitigate Drivel in Committees ?

DYNIX = Deal with You-niversities??!?NIX!!

ELWC = Eat, Laugh, Woo, Cuddle

ERIC = Educational Repetition ICool

FastCat = Fauna: A Special Turbo-powered Cheetah ofAfrican Terrain

GATEWAY = Goofy Access TEducational netWork AYale

GODORT = GOvernment DOcuments aRTroublesome

GTO = Get Technology Off (my back)

HBLL = Husband-Baiting Ladies' Lair
or: Hey! these Books Look Laborious!
or: How Bibliogophers Love Lectures
or: Hardy Boys? JuveniLLeft...
or: Howard Bybee Likes Latin

HONCHO = Hey, Our Notis Can't Handle Online (serial information)

ILS = I Lose Sleep

ISBN = I Swiftly Bundle Numbers

ISSN = I Soon Switch Numbers

LAN = Loony Apparatus, Nonpermanent

LC Lame Copy

LCSH = Loosely Created, Sometimes Harebrained

LGTO = Let's Get Technology Off (our backs)

LIBRARY BUDGET = Let's Inventory the Books Requested And Recommended by You.
Bet yoDidn't Get Enough, True?

LTLE = a LiTLE user-unfriendly

LUI = Let's Use Imagination

LUNCH = Let UNow Chomp Hastily

MARC = Machines Are Relatively Crazy

MDAS = Millions of Dollars Access Serials

MLA = Mogadishu Literary Abstracts

NOTIS = Now Our Technology ISuperseded
or: NOT IStep

OCLC = Our Computers don't Like your Computers

OPAC = Ornery, Perplexing And Carcinogenic

PC = Paralyzing and Costly

PLA = Public Libraries are Anemic

Psychopath = (best search strategy for PsychAbstracts)

Quarto = (Latin term for a book written in 4 parts;
also refers at times to a Mexican milk container)

RBMS = Rare Books--Much Spent

Recon = (a convict who has paid his debt to society and now works in the library)

Reclass = (moving from rank to rank as outlined in the HBLL rank advancement document)

RLG = Running Low on Gas

RLIN = (first name of the custodian employed by the library for the past 20 years)

Serials Dept. = (area of the library that processes books dealing with breakfast foods)

SFLC = Such Fine Little Children

Sociopath = (best search strategy for SocioAbstracts)

TNRB The Noxious Remunerations of Business

ULO = UnLikely Operations

UMI = Unuseful Mix of Information


Union list = (list of states in alphabetical order)

Withdrawn books = (books about introverts)