In Lehmann's Terms 
On his retirement from Penn in 2008

Just a decade ago, we were all ten years fresher 
But were feeling the strains of the Y2K pressure, 
Since the digits confused by millennial coding 
Would be causing Apocalypse Now by exploding. 

When precisely into this precipitous mess, 
Stephen Lehmann stepped in as the new chair of WESS: 
He did nót solve a problem that díd not need solving, 
No, he merely helped WESS in its further evolving. 

From Berzérkly to Lésotho in the Peace Corps, 
San Diego, Nebraska, and finally Swarthmore, 
Stephen learned and he wrote and he translated, too, 
Till he joined up at Penn with the library crew. 

If you know Stephen Lehmann, you know his sharp mind 
Has been building collections, the most humane kind, 
By selecting at Penn based on feelings he felt 
While supporting the efforts in stacks of Van Pelt. 

There’s just one final fact that I think you should know. 
Stephen always has had dual passports to show: 
One American, one from a postage-stamp realm 
(Liechtensteinian citizenship at the helm). 

It's a privilege passed down through the family roots 
That can be verified through a court in Vaduz. 
When the Vietnam War in the Sixties was crafted, 
Stephen Lehmann, our friend, never even got drafted. 

Though he’s traveled each day between Swarthmore and Penn 
Though he’s come back the next day to do it again, 
Now the time has arrived for his final retiring 
And we all wish him well in his further aspiring. 

- Richard Hacken