Sonnet to Joseph at Five Years Old

In the year Two Thousand and Ought' and Two, 
An Olympic spirit blew its way through: 
In Utah, some national flags were unfurled 
For skiers and skaters from this large world. 

And as we had visitors, many of them foreign, 
That was exactly when you, Joseph, were born: 
That was the time when you came to this earth; 
That February, the month of your birth! 

We are so happy that you are alive; 
Let’s celebrate that you're now turning five! 

Let’s eat sweet cake till it comes out our ears; 
Let us rejoice now for Joseph’s five years! 

Let us just say in a short summary: 
Thank goodness, thank goodness, for Joseph Montgomery! 


by his Grandpa, Pa Hacken, for his 5th Birthday.
February 20, 2007