Encomium Garrettiae
      In Praise of Jeff Garrett Organizing the GNARP Symposium
      7 October 2006 - Frankfurt, Germany

Historic & Rare Manuscript (Facsimile): 


Ye laboring classes 
Raise your glasses! 
Three cheers 
Over beers! 
Everything's fine 
Over wine! 

As we wonder whether 
Anyone could have put together 
A gathering of librarians 
And a smattering of humanitarians 
-- Sitting around podiums 
With information silo custodians – 
Into a symposium 
So imposing 
At a book fair 
So fair 
As well as Jeff Garrett, 
Let's all grin and bear it. 

While we go our various ways 
We'll keep these memorable days 
In our hearts and in our livers 
As we cross oceans and rivers. 

Three cheers for Jeff: 
We got nothing' leff' 
But three cheers for Jeff: 
Hip, Hip, [etc.] ! 
Hip, Hip, [etc.] ! 
Hip, Hip, [etc.] ! 

      - by Dick Hacken