On Frances' Birthday
Celebrated at Humanities Department Party,
September 3, 2003

There once was a year 1980
Celebrated from Hanoi to Haiti;
And Frances so fine,
Born on August 29,

Became a Humanities Lady.

A favorite color is something that's worth
Mentioning to all people on earth,
Frances loves pink,
And the reason, I think,

Is that pink was her color at birth. 

Sugar cookies frosted all white
Sprinkled radioactive with granulite
Are her favorite treat
Because they are sweet
Plus they glow in the stomach all night. 

Her favorite book is the "Secret Life of Bees"
Which involves pollen on little bees' knees.
The film she embraces
Is the "Mirror with Two Faces,"

Of which Frances has one, if you please. 
When it comes to musical tunes
Played with voice or with costly bassoons,
Frances' favorite flora and fauna
Include Mozart and Madonna
Even when played softly with spoons.
Nietzsche believed in a God who dances,
So under the present circumstances
Let's go ahead and dance the ballet
To a Very Happy Birthday
(After the fact) to our now suddenly older Frances.

Writ by Dick Hacken –
3 September 2003