Sonnet for Thomas and Elijah at Three Years Old

The most happy of birthdays to you, dear Elijah. 
The most happy of birthdays to Thomas beside 'jya. 
For you've been on earth since Two Thousand and Five, 
Which means that for Three Years you've both been alive. 

You don't seem to be, both of you, just alike: 
Elijah is thinking while Thomas takes hikes; 
Thomas explores things, Elijah will sit. 
So you're each being YOU, which is just the right bit. 

Keep on with your growing -- 
Be you and keep going. 

Tonight swallow down lots of Birthday-sweet cake 
As we chomp on some calories, just for your sake. 

You are, and this is, our joy and our promise: 
We love you both deeply, Elijah and Thomas! 




by their Grandfather, Dick Hacken, for their 3rd Birthday.
February 25, 2008