And the Dragon Flew

Sitting in the hot tub in July 
                            A curious thing to do in any case 
I saw in the sky far above me 
                            Higher than I thought natural or right 
The fuselage of a dragonfly 
                            With wings less focus friendly than a blur 

In the time it took for me to blink 
                            Or hear Jacuzzi bubbles breaking free 
That torso fly was gone forever 
                            Its wings no longer attached and beating 
While a less hungry robin flew on 
                            Happy no doubt to have been of service 

Then in turn the bird itself was gone 
                            Disappearing quickly behind the house 
And in its place or rather higher up 
                            Turning and banking below the stretch clouds 
Flew a human-guided jet plane now 
                            Aiming at Salt Lake International 

The Delta Connection was soon lost 
                            Intonation lasting longer than glimpse 
And I sat alone in warm water jets 
                            Whose bubbles were destined soon to burst 
Wondering when I might move along 
                            Like the dragonfly and bird and airplane 

              -- Richard Hacken