Barbara Walden is All Done 
On her retirement from Wisconsin in 2008

Barbara Walden is finished, she’s finally all done: 
She has spent her allotment of library fun. 
Her accomplishments burgeon so much we can’t list them 
As she exits the “General Library System.” 

GLS is the acronym where she retired 
At Wisconsin: I find the name truly inspired. 
(But perhaps at your own institution are found 
Even prettier acronyms running around). 

Barbara’s studies began at the Oberlin College, 
Where she picked up some German and musical knowledge, 
Mastered Europe’s long history next at UMinn, 
Then in Denver let library science creep in. 

Thence from British Columbia to Mini-Most-Apple: 
Twenty-éight years to gather the goods and to grapple 
With good ínfo and also computer appliances 
For the stúdy of Wéstern Euró social sciences. 

Ten years móre now have stretched towards Waldensian swan song 
Being sung at the Madison U of Wisconsin. 
Barbara authored and digitized, chaired up our WESS; 
We are only a few among those she has blessed 

So we conjugate now the verb “Walden,” exalt it: 
„Ja, ich walde, du waldest, und Barbara waldet.“ 
Now that’s only the active and only the singular – 
But she’s been very active and truly most singular. 

Barbara’s nót yet retiring from life, don’t you see: 
Now it’s time to work hard on her own Ph.D. 
She says “TTFN” is her most solemn vow: 
So to her (WaldenBooks), we say “Ta-Ta For Now.” 

- Richard Hacken