Certificate of Quid Pro Quo Quotation Queries

 (to the tune of:"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious")

Haybron, you're a favorite son of Buckeye State Ohio;
That's what census records show, and so, Oh me, Oh My-oh,
We repeat again the pun: "Which state, now please reply-oh,
Is rounded at the ends and at the middle it is High-oh?"
O – H – I – O is rounded at the ends; the middle's "Hi"-oh.

Haybron, now you're leaving us to bask in restful splendor;
You've taught us genealogy is more than names or gender,
You've dug up quotes, and by the way, you've been a staunch extender
Of all the latest news; you are a plugged-in radio sender.
So ciao, good luck, auf Wiedersehen, are all that we can render.

    Haybron, you've spent years searching for answers, especially for quotations.

    Maybe if you'd been just a bit more efficient, it wouldn't have taken so many years. 
    But you often had classy clientele: both specific and General Authorities relied on you to footnote their phrases. 

    And so I say unto you:

    "Samuel Adams" is the name of a classic Boston beer,*
    But more than that, an ancestor of Haybron, that is clear.
    And like that patriot Adams who signed the Declaration,

    This direct descendant has served God and served his nation.

    Haybron is an expert man at answering epistles
    That come his way from everywhere, even from apostles.
    He knows what every word's worth and he knows the story
    About when Wordsworth trailed those homebound clouds of glory.

    He knows where to find out if ever Captain Cook
    Said "Gesundheit" one fine night in downtown Keokuk.

    Now Haybron, here's one final quote for you to verify:
moidas ewig Weibliche entrate qui in jubilo at the Y."
    Other than me, who said it? and when? and in which context flow?
    Answer us that, dear Haybron, and then... we'll let you go.

         *I know this from googling, not gurgling.


        Presented to Haybron Adams by Dick Hacken – 9 April 2003