The Echoing Oracle (1975)
(inspired by a graduate seminar in German Baroque poetry)

Oh tell us, mighty oracle of all!
-- All! All!

What think you of our despoiled earth?
-- Dearth! Dearth!

What shall be the final fate of all?
-- Fall! Fall!

What is your attitude towards men from earth?
-- Mirth! Mirth!

What of their many paths to God?
-- Odd! Odd!

Even if they be orthodox?
-- Ox! Ox!

And the politicians of our nation?
-- Shun! Shun!

Does nobility of man still sanctify?
-- Fie! Fie!

What then are man's ideals?
-- Deals! Deals!

Have we lost anything but our innocence?
-- Sense! Sense!

Is this not our finest hour?
-- Sour! Sour!

Think you not, utopia is near?
-- Sneer! Sneer!

Shall we go to war to create peace as welcome interlude?
-- Lewd! Lewd!

Who then among all mortals has a chance?
-- Ants! Ants!

                                                Dick Hacken