The Ron and Nancy Show

We all know Ron looked fine on CBS,
Where - as an actor - he concealed his stress.
He persevered and earned elect'ral votes
By telling California anecdotes.

But inner circle oaths and loyalties
Have now made way for books and royalties-
Yes, "We the People" have the "Right to Know"
What Stockman, Regan, Speakes disclosed for dough:

For eight long years the astrologic fates
Administrated these United States.
The ship of state was guided by the stars
So long as Jupiter was square with Mars,
So long as Captain Ron consulted Nancy,
Who turned her ouija board to necromancy.

Some say that Ron's a leader? That's a hoax.
He starts his cabinet meetings telling jokes
Of Gorby, Noriega, and the ilk
(Ignoring Ollie's Iran-Contra bilk):
If only Ron were skilled at go-betweens
As he can be at eating jelly beans!

We all now squat and view the afterglow
Of Mr. Reagan's cosmic con-man show.

                        - Richard Hacken