Safe Johnny

Johnny belted up
While Jimmy only frowned...
Johnny hit his seatbelt,
Jimmy hit the ground--
After the crash just Johnny
Was still around.


"Just 35?," yelled Jimmy,
"I have no time for poking!"
But after hitting
the hairpin curve--no joking--
Jimmy and his car
Started smoking.


Heading for the restaurant,
Johnny drove with class.
While on a road with double lines,
Jimmy tried to pass.
Johnny got ground beef--
Jimmy got ground glass.


Lots of space behind the cars
Johnny liked to leave.
Jimmy with his sporty car
Would cut in close and weave.
Now it is a broken arm
Jimmy has up his sleeve.


Johnny liked the girls
And drove them in his cars.
Jimmy drank his liquor straight
And drove like Mork from Mars.
The girls now sit on Johnny's lap
While Jimmy looks through bars.

-    Richard Hacken