Great and mighty grandeur grows from items inconsequential;
Small things to grand accomplishments proceed whenever a wee potential
Sprouts like a seed...
Take the example of a little green shoot without nutrients or water or encouragement on barren ground residential:
It nevertheless draws forth the energy to become a noxious weed.
If it had, on the other hand, been a flower delightful to behold, it would not for long have been existential,
But would have shriveled up and died from drought and need.

Yes, and just a little dent where the car-door went makes way
For lovely orange rust;
Yes, and just one loosened strap or stay
May sag the buxom bust;
Yes, and even the dent and even the stay will one day pass away.

The universe runs by entropy, you see (or truer, it runs down):
At least, that was the theory of a physicist (rail-thin)
Just before he climbed aboard Flight 1508 to postulate his theories to a group of physicists in another town,
And the aircraft went into a tailspin
And buried him in the countryside because the cables leading to the ailerons didn't function properly,
Having weakened and snapped to prove the theory of entropy.

Yes, and trumpets coincidentally left upon the frequented paths of elephants
Will play notes as flat as asymptotes and lose their tootiness;
Yes, and pewter left outside exposed to natural elements
Without proper varnish will soon tarnish and will lose its pewtiness.
Yes, and even the elephants and even the elements will one day lose their eminence.

Consider how a minor engineering flaw
May become a major manufacturing defect,
Causing frustration and aggravation
And leading perhaps in the cases of automobiles to increased traffic death and mayhem
Throughout the nation
And even the experts wouldn't know what to say then,
Such that the car company is summoned before a court of civil law,
And before you know it, the car has been recalled and its reputation is in the toilet
For entropy helped to spoil it, 
And quarterly earnings fall by hundreds of millions
While engineers are made out to look like villains
Just because of one tiny little blip in one minor blueprint
Not properly checked
That should have been a reject.

Yes, and skates left on the basement stairs in pairs may trip you up
And send you soon to an early swoon in services solemnly funereal.
Yes, and excessive fructose from crates of dates, when squeezed into your cup
May be too much, or not enough, and such will cause your burial.
Yes, and even the skates and even the dates will know when their time is up.

So don't let your schemes and all your dreams of immortality rise to your head
But remain somewhat wary,
For your own demise is on the rise,
with entropy not just breaking down the skin on your shin
and putting the skids on your bicuspids
and rankling your wrinkles
and adding a sheen where your hair had been,
but also fiddling with your kidneys
and erasing any gain you've made with your brain
and pulling the electrical impulses to your heart apart -
Regardless if you're sitting down in the best part of town
or if you've gone to bed unfed,
Cuz' entropy puts the sting on every necessary thing
and makes you temporary,
Yes, and even you will soon be through, and then you will be dead.

-        Richard Hacken