healing in heilbronn


autumn in the insel hotel room

337 while hue after hue of church

bells chiming from the tower of st kilian

reflect off the neckar river from the

east as drumbeats and soccer

cheers from the sunday stadium

simult-instantly bounce off

that neckar from the



in a flash

she understands

not the meaning

of life but some

shapes and human

tones of urban




this place

(or is it this time)

she wants to feel equal

sympathy for the drunken

rowdy klaus in the fifteenth

row (seat 37) and vicar thomas

calling pre or post rowdies to worship

but forgets to include by extension johann

who had just beaten luisa who said afterward she still loved him

and the nun maria in delhi helping a suffering untouchable majit to feel

love during the duration of dying


- richard hacken