December 13, 1938

Handwritten letter of Nephi on stationery of the Royal Crystal Salt Company (where both he and his father have worked) to the Scheffler family from Salt Lake City. His father John is married again (to Anna Heer Hachen from Switzerland). He's still studying at the university and looking for a wife besides. His new car is a Chevrolet, and he loves it.

    Salt Lake City,
    179 North Redwood Road
    December 13, 1938

    Dear Relatives:

    I would like to extend many greetings to all of you. Though I have been very negligent, I've often thought of you and wonder if everything is still going well for you.

    Christmas greetings to you all, as well as to Willi and Ella, Bruno and Herta and everyone I know there.

    There is a lot of news from here. First of all, Father is married again and I'm living with him and his wife here now in the big city of Salt Lake City. The address you can see up above.

    I'm still going to the University of Utah and still studying to become an engineer. Recently I bought a new car. It is a new Chevrolet and I like it very much. In our new family we now have three cars, a Ford, a Chevrolet, and a Plymouth. (There are only four of us in the family). Father and my new mother have taken my old car.

    A short time ago I also returned from Idaho and Wyoming after a trip in the snow and high mountains.

    I hope everything is going well with you and that you are all healthy.

    Excuse me for the poor writing. I've forgotten a lot. I am still single and am still looking for a wife.

    Well, again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-

    Your Nephi

    [sideways on the margin:] Many greetings from my new mother. She is from Switzerland.