January 21, 1938
Handwritten letter of John from Salt Lake City to his niece, Hilda Scheffler [Nikl] on "Royal Crystal Salt" stationery.

[At the top:]
Our address is now: 179 Redwood Rd. 
Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City. Jan 21 - 38. 
Dear Hilda. I'd like to write you and tell you how we're doing. I'm now married again and we're not living in Saltair anymore, but here in the city, a little outside it. We have about 300 chickens and a cow. We sell eggs and milk to our customers. That helps with the budget and I still work at Saltair. My wife comes to pick me up in the morning and evening. I work 40 hours a week; nobody is allowed to work longer than 40 hours now. That gives others the opportunity to work. There are millions without work here and the government has its hands full to support them all. We just live in a machine age where everything is done with machines and that's why many are out of work and will stay that way. We received your letter and also the picture with your new husband. We congratulate you heartily. How are you all doing? Are you all healthy? 
Nephi still lives with us and still goes to school. He has to do one more year and then he's done. 
We've had a very mild winter so far, just like last winter, so the climate is almost like California. My wife is 52 years old and has four children, three of them married and one is still at home. Now we don't need to look out for ourselves like we did for three years; we're living better and more comfortably. We have gas heating and a bathroom and two cars. Nephi has a new car he uses to drive to school. We had hoped to see you sometime here in America, where you could visit us, but now you have a husband and other prospects than you did before. I would also like to have visited Germany, but now it's not so easy. I'd like to send you the documents about the Galka line or family, but it's only 70 names. The rest are all to be found in Poland, and that's not permitted now. Maybe later there will be an opportunity to research more in this line. We hope this letter will find you all healthy and well. Nephi wrote you before New Year. Did you get the letter? A thousand greetings, 
-Uncle Rudi - Nephi