August 17, 1937
Handwritten letter of John from Saltair to his niece, Hilda Scheffler [Nikl].

Saltair Aug 17 - 37

Dear Hilda. 
We received your nice letter four weeks ago. You'll have to excuse us that we haven't answered sooner. We are now so busy with our work and housekeeping and our sniffles. We have these sniffles every summer, or "hay fever" as they say here. So now we have to keep our handkerchiefs in front of us starting early in the morning, and that's how things go with us, just like two old women with their eyes and nose running and keeping fresh handkerchieves at the ready. So you can see right away how things are with us. The best thing is for us to stay outdoors as much as possible or climb in the mountains where we're free of these vapors and dust. I was on vacation last week, and we drove across valleys and mountains for nearly 300 miles; that is something great, to see the world and everything passing by like a grand panorama, always changing, mountain and valley and river and brooks and woods and little towns and villages without end. I wish you were here and could take such a trip with us sometime. We also got a letter from Ella, and she says she has finished moving to Elbing now. That's wonderful that you all live so close together. I also see that you are now celebrating the 700th anniversary of the founding of the city of Elbing. that must be something great; the celebration with parades must be something lovely to see. Nephi brought back a book from Elbing with its history and its beginnings. Everything is described there, its businesses and progress in all branches of life. We send congratulations for Bruno's little daughter; she was also given such a pretty name, and we wish health and good growth to the little one. You ask where our house is in the picture we sent you. Our little hut is right next door on the picture: you can look right out to the great highway to the west and to California. We see thousands driving by every day, especially now during the vacation season. All the tourists go past, from all the states and from many foreign countries. Many of them have a trailer (Hauswagen) right with them and camp out in the open as soon as it gets dark. You would be amazed if you were to see this huge land. 
Nephi can remember how he took his leave from you. He says you took such good care of him, it was just like he was home and he was sorry when he had to leave again. He said he cried. If you don't know where to go for your vacation, why, just come on over here quickly and visit us. We'll see to it that you're not bored. Otherwise we're both healthy and hope the same for all of you; we also wish good health for your mother. I don't know if you can read these lines without glasses. I have a bad pen and ink, but I hope that you can read it. Well, now I'll close in the hope that this letter finds you healthy and well. Greetings to you all a thousand times from 
Nephi and Uncle Rudi.