January 31, 1936
Handwritten letter of John from Saltair to his niece, Hilda Scheffler [Nikl]. Apparently John had sent packages of his wife's clothing to the relatives. Carolina's embroidery and needlepoint, which had been prepared to decorate a house that the family never got around to buying, are still there. Nephi wrote about the Olympic Games (in 1936 both the winter games in Garmisch and the summer games in Berlin were in Germany). John writes of the comfort he finds in the word "Wiedersehen" and is beginning genealogical research on the Galka family.

Saltair, Jan 31 - 36

Dear Hilda. I received your kind letter on Jan. 21 and was very pleased to hear from you, to see that the coat arrived all right and that you'll be able to use it. On Jan. 22 I sent one more package to you folks with two coats and two pairs of shoes; perhaps they'll fit one or the other of you, and the coats you can alter to suit your tastes. The one is a light spring coat and the other a winter coat that will perhaps fit your mother. The rest of the clothing stuff I gave to the washer woman; there wasn't much of value there. A lot of linens are still here and bed coverings and embroidered and needlepoint things that Aunt Lina made to beautify a new house that we were planning to buy. We could never agree on what kind of house we would buy. She inspected a number of them, but nothing suited her. Now she has a dwelling place in heaven and is looking down at us at and at what we're doing; and she's happy, no doubt, to be rid of this earth life. I was glad to hear that you liked the coat. Aunt Lina was also very skinny her last few years, as you will be able to tell: the first coat I sent you is much larger than this latest one, and you'll be able to see the difference right away. Before New Years I wrote to Ella, but I haven't heard anything back yet. She said that her husband has gotten a job at the post office and that they should be able to do better now. Nephi writes that they're having a lot of snow now in Munich and the surrounding areas and that the young people are practicing their skiing for the Olympic Games that will be held in Germany this year. Here in America they are also practicing all kinds of games and sports to qualify to go to Berlin and take part in the Games. The Americans have always won in many sports of these Olympic games. That will truly be interesting and great with people taking part, including kings and other great personalities. Nephi will probably still be there and can visit the games. He also says he will visit [you] before he comes home. It will seem strange to him, though, that Mama isn't here anymore, and he'll have to get used to being around other people. I've gotten used to being alone now; at first I had a difficult time to get to this point, but I found a lot of comfort in the Bible and in the hope of a reunion (Wiedersehen). This is the loveliest word of all in the German language: when two friends separate, they also say "Wiedersehen." I read a lot and go on walks to pass the time. The neighbor's dog waits out in front of the door every day and barks because he wants to go with me. I work 40 hours a week as night watchman, so I have a lot of time for all kinds of things and time passes quickly. I'm researching to find out about all the deceased relatives of Lina. I've already found some from Grossgardinen -- Gardinen -- Heinrichsdorf -- Usdau in the county of Soldau -- and if your mother knows more names, I would like to know about them. I hope that this letter finds all of you healthy and well, and I wish you much happiness and blessings in the New Year. Write again soon. Uncle Rudi.