April 23, 1935
Handwritten letter of John from Saltair to his sister-in-law, Maria Galka Scheffler -- sister of his wife Caroline Galka Hachen -- as well as Maria's husband Friedrich Scheffler and the Scheffler children, among them Hilda Scheffler [Nikl] and Bruno Scheffler in Elbing, East Prussia. John expresses sadness at his wife Lina lying in bed with a terminal illness. (She was going to pass away on April 26.)

Saltair, April 23 - 35

Dear Scheffler Family,

Aunt Lina is very sick in bed, suffering from heart disease and [excess] water and kidney [problems] and general weakness. She's already at the point where she can't think straight and is incapable of helping herself. She's been complaining for a long time but she didn't want to give in to it. Two weeks ago, though, she was forced to her bed, has been tired all the time and hasn't wanted to take her medicine anymore, since it just makes her vomit and makes things worse. We've already had two doctors come, but they don't help much, and she refuses to go to the hospital. I'm very sad about this and have little hope. She's always been so good and so active, and now she can't do a thing anymore. We don't know if she'll still be alive when this letter arrives. Write Ella about it and Nephi too. His address is:


Behn Strasse 39#.

Your sad brother-in-law and uncle,
John R. Hachen
Saltair, Utah.