N. R. Hacken Family

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Be sure to browse Nephi Hacken's book of illustrations: I Remember Utah

Once the Swiss Family Hachen had settled in America, the surname "Hachen" (difficult to pronounce in the correct Swiss way without causing damage to the soft palate) was changed to "Hacken." 

Nephi R. ("Cap") Hacken (son of John R. Hachen and Carolina Galka) married Leola Baldwin Jones (daughter of John Henry Jones and Winnie Baldwin), and the rest is history -- family history. 

Nephi R. Hacken (1912-1994)

Dapper "Cap" in the 1930s.
"Cap" is short for "Captain," as he sailed on the Great Salt Lake.

Leola Baldwin Jones Hacken

Leola in the late 1930s or early 1940s.
Wasatch Mountains in the background.

Nephi, Man of Mystery

At the Sphinx in 1936.

Visiting in Elbing, East Prussia, 1936

Nephi and Leola Hacken

Taken in the early 1990s.

Nephi and Leola's Children

Some Hacken descendants in 1992

Quite the motley crew...