John R. Hachen

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John R. Hachen, 1868-1947

John R. Hachen as a young man in Utah, 1905

Elisabeth Hachen (1833-1911): John's mother

John emigrated to the United States with his mother around the beginning of the 20th century.

John with his first-born son Alma

Alma died young at age 18.  He was the older brother of Nephi.

John Rudolf Hachen (Johann Hachen) was born 1870 in Rüeggisberg, Switzerland, near Berne.
He died in 1947 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Son of Elisabeth Hachen.
Husband of Carolina Galka Hachen.

Father of Nephi Rudolph Hacken.
After becoming a widower,
he had married Anna Heer Hachen.


Anna Heer Hachen