Galka Family

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The Hacken family descendants now living in America come from the line of Carolina Galka, who married John R. Hachen

Carolina's sister Maria Galka married Friedrich Scheffler and gave rise to generations of relatives in and near Kassel, Germany (with surnames like Scheffler, von Mackensen, Fubel, Mandel, Mosch, Bötgger) and in Vienna, Austria (Nikl, Hlavac).

A brother of Carolina and Maria named Wilhelm Galka is the ancestral forefather of relatives in and near Essen, Germany (with surnames like Altmann, Hanf, Monyezi, Kriegs).

(Click here for pictures of the former Galka home in East Prussia)

Carolina Galka

Maria Galka

Born 1870 in Grossgardinen, East Prussia
Died 1935 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Carolina Galka was:
Sister of Maria Galka Scheffler
Mother of Nephi Hacken
Grandmother of:

Picture taken around 1920.

After Carolina left for America around 1900, the two sisters never saw each other again.
But their descendants have been more fortunate...

Maria Galka was:

Sister of Carolina Galka Hachen
Sister of Wilhelm Galka
Wife of Friedrich Scheffler
Mother of
Bruno Scheffler
and Hilda Scheffler Nikl

Grandmother of:
Gerlinde Nikl Hlavac
Rüdiger-Volker Scheffler
Renate Scheffler Mandel

Wilhelm Galka was:

Sister of Carolina Galka Hachen

Sister of Maria Galka
Husband of Emma Jakowski Galka
Father of Maria Galka Altmann

Grandmother of:
Charlotte Altmann Hanf
Elisabeth Altmann Gehlhaus

Partial Galka Descendant Reunion (1999)

In a clockwise spiral from top to bottom: Volker Scheffler, Richard Hacken, Renate Mandel, Petra [Mandel] Böttger, Andrea [Mandel] Mosch, Elke Knoth Scheffler, Michael Hacken, Torsten Scheffler [von Mackensen], Kerstin Scheffler [Fubel].