Carolina Galka, 1870-1935

The Hacken family descendants now living in America come from the line of Carolina Galka, who married John R. Hachen. 

Carolina Galka was:
Sister of Maria Galka Scheffler
Sister of Wilhelm Scheffler
Wife of John R. Hachen
Mother of Nephi Hacken

Grandmother of:
Robert Hacken
Richard Hacken
Joan Hacken Carter Sainsbury
Susan Hacken Thornton
Carolyn Hacken Dean (1955-1983)

Grossgardinen was near Elbing (Elblag) in East Prussia, now a part of Poland.



First page tells of  Maria & Friedrich Scheffler offspring (Ella, Bruno, Gertrud, Hilda, Erich), of which only Bruno and Hilda had children.
Second page tells of Wilhelm Galka and other relatives.